Celebrating a Fairytale Romance: Pedro and Chantel’s Wedding Day Memories

Celebrating a Fairytale Romance: Pedro and Chantel’s Wedding Day Memories


On earth of actuality t . v ., couple of couples have grabbed our hearts and minds up to Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett from TLC’s hit show 90 Day time Fiancé. Off their initial meeting in the Dominican Republic towards the joyous wedding ceremony celebration that followed, this pair has confirmed that love can be done even though the percentages appear insurmountable. Let us look back at how this powerful duo conquered all making use of their unwavering persistence for one other!

The Conference from the Dominican Republic

It absolutely was really like at first view for Pedro as he satisfied Chantel while she was travelling within his property country in the Dominican Republic. Regardless of provided by various ethnicities and speaking different different languages, they quickly designed a solid relationship. After many months of long-extended distance communication via Skype, phone calls, and e-mails, Pedro chosen to make your proceed to America over a K-1 visa so they may be jointly.

Dealing with Difficulties With each other

Sadly, Pedro’s shift didn’t arrive without its problems. His conservative family required trouble with him coping with an unmarried female outside of relationship, as well as her American life-style choices for example drinking alcohol or wearing uncovering clothing — which all triggered stress between them. But in spite of these hurdles, their adore experienced — showing that true love conquers all hurdles.

The Marriage Celebration and Over and above

Right after a number of tumultuous months of just living under one roof structure, pedro and chantel finally linked the knot during a gorgeous wedding service surrounded by close up relatives and buddies from both sides. Just as if it wasn’t feel-suitable already — it had been disclosed on air that Pedro got proposed to Chantel in a enchanting beach picnic! As if that weren’t enough evidence they were meant to be together, they also made welcome their initial child within their combined household shortly after their wedding ceremony — a sign that this few was here to keep!


Pedro and Chantel’s story is really uplifting — demonstrating that irrespective of what life tosses to you, real love can conquer any hindrance if you continue to be dedicated to your lover through thick and thin. Their good frame of mind within the experience of adversity has endeared those to supporters all over the world — which makes them one among television’s most dearest couples ever! We can only wish that other lovers out there can find strength from Pedro and Chantel’s case in point when experiencing tough instances inside their connections. Here is looking carried on joy to this fantastic pair!