How Pitru Geet Helps Bring Peace To The Dead

How Pitru Geet Helps Bring Peace To The Dead

Pitru Geet is a Hindu spiritual tune focused on the forefathers or pitrus. It is stated that performing these music will help take serenity and happiness to the old as well as pleases the gods responsible for seeing over them. There are various variations of Pitroke geet, but all discuss the same goal: honor and value our forefathers. With this article, we shall explore a brief history and meaning of Pitru Geet and how it really is found in Indian tradition to remember the old.

A Brief History Of Pitru Geet:

Pitru Geet have their roots in the Vedic time of Hinduism, dating back to to around 1500 BCE. The Vedas are a collection of historic messages that make up the basis of Hindu scripture and philosophy. Over these texts, it is stated that vocal singing hymns and prayers on the ancestors helps you to deliver them serenity and pleasure within the afterlife. Pitru Geet is just one of many tunes constructed during this time period to recognition the deceased.

The Value Of Pitru Geet:

The words of Pitro ke geet differ depending on the location where it is sung, but all versions reveal a frequent theme: gratitude and respect for your ancestors. In a few locations, Pitru Geet is sung as a part of pinddaan, a ritual where food and offerings are designed to the ancestors. This ritual is usually executed during celebrations or special events like funerals, which is believed that by doing this, we are able to ensure that our forefathers are very-nourished and pleased in the afterlife.

The Important Thing:

Pitru Geet is actually a gorgeous strategy to recognition our ancestors and convey tranquility on the dead. If you are searching for learning more about this music or other Hindu customs, make sure you explore our website further.

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