Strategies for Finding the optimum Gravity Bong for You

Strategies for Finding the optimum Gravity Bong for You

If you’re a normal smoker, there’s one particular item of equipment you can’t go without your bong. Regardless of whether you favor window, acrylic, or porcelain, your bong is crucial for cooling down and filtering smoke cigarettes joint filter before you decide to take in.

But just like any other smoking cigarettes adornment, bongs require regular cleaning up in order to avoid accumulation and be sure optimum overall performance. Allow me to share four good reasons you must remember to clean up your bong.

Helps to keep the Flavor Fresh

No-one likes the taste of stale light up, and a dirty bong is definitely the variety-one particular culprit of off-getting flavors. If the resin and also other remains build-up with your bong, it may provide a horrible taste in your herb—regardless of how higher-good quality it could be. Washing your bong routinely will assist ensure you always benefit from the true flavoring of your own light up.

Gets Rid of Harmful Bacteria

Along with affecting taste, residue within your bong could also harbour risky microorganisms. When h2o is placed in a bong for extended time periods, it might be the ideal breeding soil for all kinds of microbes—some of which may be harmful to your wellbeing. Standard cleansing will help avoid the growth of bacteria and keep your cigarette smoking encounter as secure as you possibly can.

Boosts Your Smokes Smoothness

Resin as well as other residues not just have an effect on flavor, however they could also make smoke cigarettes harsher plus more aggravating for the neck and respiratory system. Cleansing your bong routinely will assist make sure that every success is easy and pleasurable. As a result, understand how to clean a bong.

Improves Effectiveness

A dirty bong is definitely an inefficient bong—plain and simple. Resin buildup can limit airflow and then make it difficult to get a great strike from the dish. Be preserving your bong clean, you’ll make sure that every hit is strong and fulfilling.


As any normal cigarette smoker understands, a bong is an important piece of equipment. But what numerous cigarette smokers don’t know is the fact that bongs need normal cleaning up to avoid accumulation and sustain ideal performance. Here are four factors why you ought to remember to clean up your bong: refreshing taste, harmless cigarette smoking, smooth hits, and elevated performance. So next time you reach for your best part, go on a second allow it a good scrub—your lungs will thank you!